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Pedler // Russell bring you new folk music communicating the feeling behind social themes present in 21st century Britain. Through localised projects, they are creating innovative music that is inspired from people’s real life stories and written to the sounds of where they live and work.

The collaboration of historian and musician Danny Pedler and BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winner Greg Russell is producing folk music incorporating audio samples of oral history interviewees that inspire the songs, and contextual sounds and rhythms that weave through the melody and lyrics. 

Their debut album Field and Dyke received high acclaim and has introduced new music-making techniques into the British folk scene. The artists’ sensitive and accurate depiction of living through a Brexit-divided Britain has proved popular. The material has toured nationally and is being showcased at festivals across the country.

The Field and Dyke album grew out of an oral history project, conducted by Danny, in which he interviewed over 40 people about the history, politics, environment, culture and society of the fenland district of South Holland, Lincolnshire. The music, all written by Pedler // Russell, incorporates samples of dialogue from the Field and Dyke interviews as well as being based around rhythms of machines recorded from local factories.

The artists have done extensive engagement work in factories and with migrant populations in South Lincolnshire, to challenge reactionary assumptions and change people’s views about where they live.

Future Projects

Pedler // Russell will continue their work in the form of two more localised projects using the same process as Field and Dyke; creating albums that accurately and sensitively reflect the reality of living and working in 21st century Britain. These projects will produce two more albums incorporating samples from the people and places that inspire them.

Field and Dyke




Morning Star


R&R Magazine

"A fascinating project"
Mark Radcliffe, BBC R2

"It’s hard to think of anything quite packing Field and Dyke’s emotional punch"
Folk Radio UK



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